I am the friend who jeopardizes your ability to finish the hike before dark. A walk to the grocery store isn’t complete without my picking stuff up off the ground to examine it. Trips to the beach typically result in me filling as many pockets as I can with rocks or shells to examine for hours with a magnifying glass and field guide.

My favorite kind of learning often stems from surprise discoveries of noticing something that I’ve never really seen before. That gets me wondering how and why something is the way it is – and how it connects to our lives and how it impacts our world (and even beyond).

I write about what I observe in museums, culture, and myself on my blog.

Blog Posts

Autism is a Four-Leaf Clover

The more I think about Autism April and the more I read from fellow autistic people I follow, the more inspired I feel to shift focus from autism ‘acceptance’ to ‘autistic pride.’   This post is about one of my most joyful experiences – finding four-leaf clovers.

Museums & Autistic Joy/Empowerment

I’m going to share a couple bits of autistic joy/empowerment that I’ve come to celebrate from my museum career so far. 

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