Autism is a Four-Leaf Clover

The more I think about Autism April and the more I read from fellow autistic people I follow, the more inspired I feel to shift focus from autism ‘acceptance’ to ‘autistic pride.’   This post is about one of my most joyful experiences – finding four-leaf clovers.

Programming for Autistic Audiences: Access in Virtual Museum Programs

We, the people, made museums; and we, the autistic people, are part of the “public” audiences museums aim to serve… Wherever your museum is, I assure you, part of your community is at risk.

JUL 15 2020

This week marks six months of (almost) daily journaling via the most recent iteration of my Morning Pages practice. Though Morning Pages/journals are traditionally private, I’m celebrating this week by breaking the rules and sharing today’s journal entry on my blog. JUL 15 2020 I’m sitting at the pool. Thinking maybe if I go inContinue reading “JUL 15 2020”